Key Attributes To Look Out For In Your Next Employee

It’s recruitment time, and you want to ensure that you hire the best employees to help propel your business forward in a time of increasing competition. Knowing how to hire good employees can be difficult, as everyone has their own unique skillset, but it all begins by advertising on the appropriate platforms to attract a pool of highly competent potential candidates. 

Craft compelling and informative job advertisements that include core responsibilities, daily activities and the skills required to be suitable for the job. By clearly specifying the kind of candidate you have in mind, you will immediately filter out job seekers who might not be a good match for the position. 

While job-seeking sites are an ideal platform for posting listings, social media can also be a useful tool for allowing direct communication with applications, while also providing you with more background detail about them. You can also consider stand-out past candidates who may have acquired more appropriate skills since their previous interview. 

In order to then select employees for interview, evaluate applications to identify key traits of each person. These traits can then be further analyzed and tested during the interview phase to determine if a candidate has not only the skill set but also the can-do attitude required for the job.  

Character Traits Of A Good Employee 

  • Confidence is one of the most important employee traits. Consider how the applicant comes across in their application and how they conduct themselves in their interview to evaluate their level of confidence. 

Confident employees are not just self-assured in their abilities, but are also comfortable with asking questions or asking for help when needed. Confidence is clearly demonstrated in a desire to grow, so select applicants who show signs of this willingness. 

  • A trait that all good employees have in common is reliability. If a candidate is punctual and shows an eagerness to take on responsibilities, it suggests that they’ll be an employee who you can trust to complete tasks to a high standard in the allotted time frame. 

Employees who are reliable also tend to be more self-sufficient which makes them a true asset in the workplace. Plus, you can guarantee they will always be in the office on time to prevent any delays. If a candidate is described as reliable by their references, you can be sure that they’d be suitable for an interview. 

  • An employee who has strong communication skills is vital, particularly for customer service-orientated jobs where the worker will be frequently interacting with others to try and boost sales. Written communication skills can be clearly demonstrated in a person’s cover letter and resume, while oral communication can then be tested in the interview phase.

A candidate who has quality communication skills is able to effectively articulate their points and also read non-verbal communicative cues. A strong communicator is also someone who is good at listening to others in order to respond appropriately. 

How To Conduct An Effective Employee Interview 

Much of spotting key employee attributes comes from conducting an effective interview that encourages candidates to demonstrate their work-related and personal skills. 

  • Prior to the interview, closely review the candidate’s work history as provided on their resume. By doing so, you can avoid wasting time by asking about information that has already been provided, and you can identify areas that you would like to question in order to learn more about their relevant skills and experience. 
  • When interviewing the candidate, you can evaluate their communication and problem-solving skills by asking a mix of questions. Close-ended and open-ended questions (i.e. ‘What attracts you to this job?) are essential for gauging a candidate’s understanding of the position and their level of dedication to the job, while hypothetical questions such as ‘If you were given this task, how would you go about it?’ help to assess whether they have the ability to create innovative solutions to tackle any challenges they may face if offered the job.
  • Good employees know their worth, so be sure to treat the interview candidate with respect and not as someone inferior to you. Interviews can be daunting, so try to make the candidate as comfortable as possible, bearing in mind that even the best employees may experience pre-interview anxiety. By doing so, you’ll allow them to show their true abilities. 

Now you can select an employee with confidence knowing that you’ve chosen a top-tier candidate. Reap the benefits of hiring strong-minded, forward-thinking employees and see your company flourish as you bring top talent to your team!


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