Our Approach

We understand that embarking on a job hunt can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why our approach is effective in preparing you to land your dream job.

Concise and efficient in all our interactions

All candidates will know the pain points of interest for all our roles; responsibilities, location, salary, benefits, ensuring all aspects are covered in order for you to make an informed decision.

Exceptional Communication

We will keep in touch throughout the hiring process and placement period. Our system is simple, we communicate all information in real-time.

Resume Writing Services

We work on giving all our candidates a competitive edge and help boost your resume to ensure efficiency.

Interview Skill Preparation

Candidate Testimonials

{Raman was a one of a kind recruiter I had the pleasure of working with. To be completely honest, I was not even looking for a position change, especially during times of uncertainty with Covid. However, Raman had reached out to me via Linkedin and I decided to take a preliminary 15-minute call with him. The rest was history! Over the next few weeks, Raman and I began to build a wonderful relationship where we learned more about each other as people first, business professionals, and last but not least, the open position he was working diligently to fill. During the interview process, Raman was great about following up with me after interviews, or paperwork etc. that needed to be completed. The best part about Raman in my opinion is the fact that we still have a great connection amongst one another. He frequently checks in to see how life and my new position are going! He even set up a lunch reservation for us to grab food when I was in town! In conclusion, Raman has changed my life for the better by leading me to a new opportunity which has challenged me to grow. I am forever grateful for his services. I absolutely recommend any professionals searching for new opportunities or companies looking for new talent to work with Raman; you will not be dissapointed!
{Thanks to Lumen Resources I was able to quickly find a job that I love even during these difficult times. I have dealt with other staffing agencies in the past and Lumen Resources has been the most professional and easiest to work with. Thanks once again Lumen Resources!
{I worked with Raman and Lumen resources. They aided me in obtaining my first position in IT after completing my degree. Raman was very detail oriented when delineating to me the process and the specifics of the company and position he was submitting me to. The process was straightforward and comprehensive. All that was required of me was to provide my resume and outline what I was able to commit to regarding the position. Raman’s approach was predicated on making sure that the position was a good fit based on my qualifications and interests. He also ensured that I would fit well into the hiring organizations environment. I would definitely work with Lumen resources and Raman for future endeavors.